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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Accordion fold mean?
A bindery term for two or more parallel folds that result in a sheet that opens like an accordion
What does Against the grain mean?
Perpendicular to the direction of the paper grain
What does Aqueous Coating mean?
A fast-drying, water-based coating that is applied after printing that gives a glossy finish and protects the print’s surface
What does Artwork mean?
In printing, this is the original copy which includes all text, graphics, photos and illustrations
What does Back up mean?
To print the reverse side of a sheet already printed on one side
What does Bind mean?
To fasten sheets or sections into brochures or booklets with the use of wire, thread, glue, staples, etc
What does Binding mean?
The process by which sheets are fastened together which include cutting, trimming, collating, perforating, and folding to form the finished product
What does Bindery mean?
The department in a printing company where finishing work is done such as collating, folding and trimming of printed products
What does Bitmap mean?
An image file format that refers to the rows and columns (map) of dots or pixels that form an image
What does Bitmap Images mean?
Computerized image made up of a collection of dots or pixels; these images appear blocky when you zoom in; also known as raster images
What does Blanket mean?
The thick rubber coated pad of a printing press that transfers ink from the plate to the sheet
What does Bleed mean?
Printing that goes beyond the edge of the final trim size
What does Blind embossing mean?
A technique in which a design is pressed into a sheet without ink or foil, creating a raised image
What does Bond paper mean?
Durable and lightweight paper commonly used for letterheads and business stationery
What does Border mean?
Margin or line between the image area and the edge of the paper
What does Brightness mean?
The brilliance or reflective quality of paper affecting contrast in printing
What does Bulk mean?
The thickness of paper relative to its weight
What does C1S mean?
Short for coating on one side of paper
What does C2S mean?
Short for coating on both sides of paper
What does Caliper mean?
Measurement of paper thickness expressed in thousandths of an inch
What does Cast coated mean?
A type of coated paper with a high gloss enamel finish
What does Coated paper mean?
Paper with a thin surface coating of clay that produces a smooth finish
What does Collate mean?
A finishing term for arranging pages or sheets in correct order before binding
What does Color Balance mean?
Refers to the proper ratio of cyan, magenta, and yellow ink during printing to keep color consistency and produce the desired color of an image
What does Color bar mean?
Strips of color used as a tool to check color accuracy and density
What does Color correction mean?
Methods of adjusting and improving color qualities such as color balance, contrast, etc
What does Color separations mean?
Preparing a full-color image for printing by separating it into the four basic process colors: cyan, magenta, yellow and black
What does Color Sequence mean?
The order in which the four-color process inks are printed on the press
What does Comb bind mean?
A method of binding by inserting a plastic comb through holes along the side or edge of a stack of pages
What does Contrast mean?
The range of difference between the darkest and lightest areas in an image
What does Cover paper mean?
A heavyweight paper commonly used for covers of books, brochures, catalogs and folders
What does Creep mean?
Creep is the shifting position of the page in a saddle-stitched bind. Creep moves the inside pages away from the spine.
What does Crop mean?
To cut off sides or portions of an image
What does Crop marks mean?
Lines at the edges of a sheet that show where the page will be trimmed
What does Crossover mean?
Printing across the gutter or from one page to the facing page of a publication
What does Cure mean?
The process of drying inks or coatings through chemical processes to develop strong adhesion
What does Cyan mean?
Shade of blue; One of four basic ink colors used in 4 color printing process
What does Deboss mean?
To press an image below the surface of paper
What does Density mean?
The degree of darkness of an image
What does Die mean?
Metal plate cut for impressing a design or image on paper
What does Die cutting mean?
A process of cutting paper in a shape or design using metal dies
What does Dot mean?
The individual element of a halftones; also referred to as a “pixel”
What does Dot gain or spread mean?
The spread of ink on paper; occurrence when dots print larger than they were on the film
What does Dots Per Inch (DPI) mean?
A measurement of resolution of a screen image or printed image defined by the number of dots that fit horizontally and vertically into one inch; The higher the DPI, the sharper the image